The number of home-schooled students has exploded over the last few years. Parents are quickly taking back control from the secularists currently in charge of school curriculum and social activities. But what will your kids confront in higher education, away from your influence? According to recent studies, less than 6% of college professors believe the Bible is the “actual word of God”. After graduation, you will be sending your child into an environment where there is only a 5% chance the person charged to influence them, believes the Bible is the inerrant word of God.

When you attend a Day4 home-school event, you will learn about God’s incredible universe and how all space exploration is returning evidence confirming the Biblical account. Your child will also learn critical thinking skills as well as fallacies & omissions of the secular scientists.  The conclusions drawn by these scientists are based on conditions neither the creationists nor the secularists have observed or know anything about.

Events will include speakers, presentations, activities, and, of course, exploration of the night sky.

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