Christian Schools

One of the most important functions we have is to share the wonders of God’s creation with students through the use of scientific observation and critical thinking.

Christian schools, now more than ever, need opportunities to bring Christian based science groups into their schools to help staff and teachers with additional resource that confirm the Bible as reliable and trustworthy.

However, many astronomical theories have never been proven but continue to be taught as true science.

Students are repeatedly exposed to the secular worldview even those in Christian schools.  Astronomy is the number 1 field of science that is used the most against the Christian worldview.  It is through astronomy that the age of the earth was proposed.  Yet, true science has never been at odds with the Bible but continues to confirm what the Bible says about origins and the universe.

The theory of evolution is a theory that was invented by atheist and anti-Christians to derive how the universe came into existence without God and to rid science of its Christian origins.  Yet today, so many Christians have accepted this anti-Christian worldview.  Studies now have shown that this compromise has been instrumental in young people leaving the faith and believing that “Christians are anti-science.”

At Day4 we help students see that the Bible is not separate from science and history but is confirmed by history and science.  The evidence of God’s work in the created heavens will draw students to God and the Gospel of Christ.

Every word a child reads or hears in school, on TV, on their phone, and every experience is important in developing their worldview.

Not only do we help show students how the heavens declare God’s glory, but we also help them examine the world around them through a biblical lens.  We do not use anti-Christian ideas as our foundation but use the Scripture as our starting point and rely on the infallible Word of God to guide students through cosmology and astronomical studies.

We also show students how to debunk evolutionary theories and expose the lies that are taught as “science”.  We want kids to know and trust God’s Word, especially when dealing with space, astronomy, and cosmology.

Our presentations are made to be informational, educational, yet challenging.  We want to come alongside a Christian schools astronomy and space curriculum that will help the students believe and defend God’s Word, all starting in Genesis.  We show the students how the heavens declare the glory of God and how the biblical worldview is the correct worldview.

One of the reasons we started Day4 Astronomy is to help build the faith of the students.

Through engaging speakers and outdoor observations, students will learn about the night sky and be in awe of our Creator.  Our presentations not only provide the evidences that will equip them for following Him but also share the gospel through the use of astronomy.

We provide several engaging daytime or nighttime activities and presentations. 

If your school is interested in how our ministry can help, please contact us for more details.