Activities and Events

Monthly Meetings

Currently the Dallas Chapter of Day4 Astronomy meets once a month at the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, Texas.  During these meetings we teach people how to navigate the night skies, how to choose and use telescopes, and present what the scientific and Biblical evidences show.  There are often guest speakers which include scientists and astronomers…many from the Institute for Creation Research or other astronomy related organizations.  The meetings are fun and educational for people of all ages and knowledge levels.


Star Parties

Who doesn’t like a party?! 

They are even better when they include telescopes to view God’s amazing creations in space!  We call these events Star Watch Parties or just Star Parties for short.  When the skies allow, we plan evenings where we use the telescopes, binoculars, and cameras to find, observe, and image an amazing variety of objects in the night sky!  When conditions are right, Day4 Astronomy sends a notice out to everyone in the Day4 database to alert them of such events so they can join us with their family, friends, and neighbors!

If you would like to be notified of these events in your area, please register by texting the word NOTIFY to the phone number (707) 876-7778 and then fill out the registration.  Don’t forget to complete the process by checking the ?? box at the end and clicking the “Checkin” button.

Sidewalk Astronomy

One of the core goals of Day4 Astronomy is to develop relationships with the people arounds us and share the good news of Jesus Christ.  One of the more effective ways we do this is by setting up and hosting sidewalk astronomy activities.  These activities include setting up telescopes in highly visible places to pique the interest of those passing by.  When people see a telescope being set up during the day in their neighborhood, their curiosity can cause them to stop and inquire.  This gives us the opportunity to invite them to come back and view the heavens when it becomes dark!  Throughout these evenings, hopefully relationships can be started which can lead to the sharing of the Gospel!

Solar Days

There is one star that we absolutely CANNOT see at night!  You guessed it!  It is our very own sun!  By using our very own solar filtered telescope designed especially for viewing the sun safely, we are able to give people the opportunity to view the sun in a way that they could not otherwise see it!  These events can be done during any day of the year where the sun is not obstructed by clouds.

However, Day4 Astronomy especially enjoys hosting Solar Days when they can be centered around specific solar events like eclipses and transits.  We actually have a HUGE event coming on April 8, 2024, which will be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!!  We are planning for that event and the days leading up to it now.  Stay tuned for more information!

!!NOTE:  Viewing the sun during the day with telescopes, cameras, binoculars, or the naked eye is very dangerous, can cause permanent vision damage, and should never be attempted. 

Event Booths

Day4 Astronomy frequently sets up a booth at a variety of events to let other people and organizations know what we are doing.  Visit the calendar page to see when and where we will be and come visit us at our booth!